Southern Kaduna Voices

Dialectics of Nature And Death

Your love or hatred for people has no nexus with their longevity or otherwise on earth. Each soul has its entrance and departure day, date, time, and year.
Wishing a departed soul eternal rest is no sign that there were never disagreements between you. It’s natural that disagreements evaporate when life departs from one party because only the living fight.
Death is no duster of history otherwise the holy books wouldn’t be saturated with stories of Pharaoh, Judas, Nedbuccanezer, etc, Or stories of Hitler, Mussolini, and Czars wouldn’t be in books and films.
Every soul must taste death. It’s a natural path of exiting this world and reuniting with our Maker. Some souls will be blessed with longevity while others wouldn’t. The baseline is, that everyone will die.
Death, whether accidental or incidental, doesn’t issue a warning to its victims. We only know it will come, but knowing when, where, and how is still a mystery to mankind.
When your time on earth is up, nothing will delay you for a second. No power under and above the earth can add a single second to your allotted time on earth. It’s always on time and on spot.
No wonder Steve Jobs of Apple said “Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life”. And the greatest agent of change.
By John Danfulani