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DIRECT ELECTION CLAUSE IN THE ELECTORAL AMENDMENT BILL: Where are the 76 senators to override the president?


Gideon Dauda

For 23 Years of Monetized Democratic practice which is; “GOVERNMENT OF THE RICH, BY RICH AND FOR RICH” Sadly, this implies that we haven’t enjoyed the knitted fabric of a democratic process the 18th President of United States Abraham Lincoln of blessed Memory had propagated which is; GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR PEOPLE.

The journey of this derogatory practice had given only a few rich mandate Vyers to hold political offices, thereby Sidelining average mandate Vyers outside the parameters of the political atmosphere. I did say, this isn’t a democracy and has nothing to do with Lincoln’s idea.

Political pundits have an advanced plethora of factors responsible for this abysmal political practice but one is outstanding for me, which is;


The indirect primary election is the process where selected party members (DELEGATES) elect party Candidates as party flag bearers.

Here in Nigeria, Indirect election has transmogrified the rudiments of a healthy democratic process and practice, this has given muscles and edge to rich party members/leaders to determine who becomes party flag bearer. Delegates who are totality representative of Nigerians electorates are lured with brown envelopes at party primary election to elect candidates that don’t in any way express the wishes and interests of Nigerians. Delegates have become 4years periodic grant collectors.
It suffices me to say; ”PARTY PRIMARY HAS to TURN TO GAME OF THE HIGHEST BIDDER”. Sad Bigly.

In a political system that has multiple party systems on paper while in reality, it operates a two-party system, where most mandate holders emanate from, seem to be the oxygen Indirect election breath-on. Making it somewhat difficult for candidates to emerge victorious outside the circle of two Major Parties. Pat Utomi, Kingsley Mughalu, and the rest will agree with me.

No wonder some political office holders have turned political offices they are occupying as their ancestral home and birthright, Narrowing this concern down to Kaduna state is a member of the Green chamber Yakubu Barde who has since been a representative of the people in Chikun/Kajuru constituency for 18years and I bet you even with a German Pistol on my forehead I did say he will win come 2023. I mean, are there no candidates better than Barde to give the dividend of true representation to the constituents other than him? Barde being in the green chamber this long is a result of this democratic disorder called INDIRECT ELECTION. Nothing more, Nothing less!

It was against this calamitous political journey that the Electoral Amendment bill vis a vis Clause 87 was initiated to make DIRECT PRIMARY mandatory for the election of candidates in political parties. This clause caused a camouflaged fraction between the legislature and executive arm in the media Space devoid of any truthful political will on the part of the legislature as a result of the President refusing to assent the electoral bill from his selfish reservation on the same clause. Now, 76 senators trickly agreed to override PMB veto power not knowing it was a flop.

Shockingly yesterday, to my disdain and dismay, The red chamber expunge the clause and passed the bill and of course, will be assented to become a Law.

If the senators had to override the president; it would have been a new Era of Sound and a healthy democratic system where a Son of a Nobody will be given mandate because it would chiefly represent the wishes of the people.
Lately, I see young men and women showcasing their intentions to Vy for political positions via social media, but the fundamental question to ask is; How can they cross the bridge of Monitise culture of indirect election at the primary election level?

This is a question you and I must answer.

Again, I ask where are the 76 senators to override the president Veto?