Southern Kaduna Voices

Expression Of Interest And Nomination Form(s) Fees.

APC’s nomination and expression of interest fees are a big joke. They aren’t only outrageous but outrightly unreasonable.
There is no debating the realism, the fees will automatically quench the aspiration of a sizeable number of their members.
The quintessential consequence of these roof-top fees is condensing of internal democratic space. Because only big money bags and their clones can afford to participate.
The second repercussion of the heaven-high fee is encouraging corruption by winners because of the natural desire to recoup what they sank in the process.
I can bet with my last shot of wine that, products of such a process must indulge in primitive accumulation. Even if one’s heart is that of an angel, he can’t successfully resist the temptation to go kleptocratic.
Any surprise? Hell no. That is the nature of capitalist democracy. It’s always cash and carries rituals hidden in some process that the victims can’t see or discern. I doff my hat to capitalists and their comprador political class for the capacity of doing the nastiest things in a sexy fashion.