Southern Kaduna Voices


Kaduna State’s main opposition party boss and State ruling party megaphone exchanged New Year love letters. I captioned their bombastic push and push thus: Misters Rescuer and Comedian. The opposition head perfectly, and for the very first time, acted as a genuine opposition kingpin. Similarly, the mouthpiece characteristically responded as an image cleanser of the ruling party. The summary of it all is a good cat face off with a good rat.

Back to the crux of the matter: opposition politics of offensive and incumbent defensive tactics unfolded- and very perfectly. The two press statements were fully loaded with germane claims—worthy of scrutiny by the good people of Kaduna state—the very cream the two warriors claimed to be talking for and on behalf.
Ideally, their tantrums ought to generate intensive and extensive comments from us—all of us. Sadly, this golden opportunity they unconsciously provided will melt off without “us” (yes all-inclusive) scaling their postulations. This expectation is not exclusive, it included members of their parties—they ought to reinforce their claims with further commentaries.
My take on this razzmatazz and brouhaha: their statements are too combative and bombastic. They raised a thick mushroom cloud that barred our visibility. Another diversionary antic of politicians? I am tempted to think so. There should be better channels of fashioning responses and stating positions by parties looking for our mandates.
Anyway, they are at liberty to zing-zing and boom-boom at themselves. But, when others roll up their sleeves and enter the field, hope they will not cry wolf.
Above all, let the gameplay on. Democracy is not devoid of some doses of madness or below-the-belt kicks. By the way, even the Yankees that showcase exceptionalism for over two centuries, played dirty in 2021.
Finally, viva Misters Chair and PRO. More moderate punches, please.
John Danfulani