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Here is ‘Mama Fide’ as fondly called and referred to. Mama is our surviving grandmother and great-grandmother to many of our younger ones.
There was an attack yesterday night in Kurmin-masara area, an area attacked numerous times. Grandma who is in Atakmawai couldn’t join in running when the attack took place; mama stayed back in her hut which served as her last safe haven.
Mama was burnt alive! We only have memories of mama left with us while we only imagine how horrible it was for Mama to breathe her last this way after living long into her old age. Painful and sad! Mama’s blood will rise and speak against her killers and their sponsors.
Comfort and peace to all we the Auta’s.
Attached Picture:
The attached picture was taken yesterday on a visit to Mama by Blessing Gimbia Auta. A few hours afterward, it will be referred to as the last moments shared with a goodbye smile.
Good-bye Mama
It’s time to rest!!!