Southern Kaduna Voices

Nigeria’s Democracy Is Evolving

7 Political Parties in Nigeria have produced lawmakers that will take part in the 10th Assembly. The youngest Senator elected is 35 years old from the Labor Party (LP) in Nassarawa State.

This is a positive sign that so many parties are participating in Nigeria’s democratic process, and that citizens are becoming more aware and engaged with the political system.

This is an important step towards the expansion and strengthening of democracy in Nigeria and ensuring that the voices of all citizens are heard. The people of Nigeria should be commended for their tremendous giant stride in the history of the country’s democracy.

Their participation in this 2023 election through this democratic process is a testament to their commitment to ensuring that Nigeria is governed by leaders who reflect their values and aspirations.

It is important for the people of Nigeria to keep the momentum of this trend so that Nigeria can continue to make progress toward a more inclusive and participatory democracy.

~K. Adamu