Southern Kaduna Voices

Nothing is wrong with asking for a quality representation from elective representatives

Asking for accountability from our elective representatives is our duty but we must equally do it without a biased mindset. It is also their constitutional duty and a mandatory quality of leadership expected from them to exhibit in treating those who gave them their mandates as a social contract with dignity as equal people and fairness for all.
It is also right for me as an individual to ask questions about Senator’s Laah legislative aides and other House of Reps members from #SouthernKaduna with the information that I have but it is my place or right for me to publish who they are or where they come from in #SouthernKaduna as a matter of private concerned.
Anyone that is truly interested in how he or she is being represented at all levels of the government will find out such information for themselves. My curiosity about the quality of representation led me to such findings which is something no one can hide. I realized that the quality of think tanks as aides that surrounds any elective representative will reflect on their duties to the state, nation, and constituency which is a fact. 
Let us ask ourselves as a region, are we getting the kind of representation we yarn for or not? Are our elective representatives surrounded by intelligent aides that will help them navigate and sail through the national assembly with visible results?
Are we very comfortable with such a way of representation at all levels of the government that we are experiencing as a region? Are we going to have a better future for our region and our children with such kind of representation?
Should wealth and sharing of money become a yardstick in choosing those who we elect to represent us at all levels?
What are we doing wrong that we must change to get things right?
Questions I ponder and wonder upon every day about #SouthernKaduna.
K.K. Adamu