Southern Kaduna Voices

Once Upon A Time In Nigeria

Once upon a time, in a country called Nigeria, the people were tired of the same old politicians and parties that had promised change but delivered nothing. They were fed up with the corruption, insecurity, and police brutality that had plagued their nation for far too long. So, they decided to take a chance on a new party and its leader, who promised to be different and to bring real change to the country.

The people were hopeful and excited as the new leader and his party took power. They had high expectations and believed that this time things would be different. But as the months and years passed, it became clear that the new leader and his party were no different from the old ones. They too became mired in corruption and scandals. The police brutality and insecurity continued, and in some cases, even got worse.

The people were disappointed and disillusioned. They realized that they had made a mistake in handing power to this new party and its leader. They had been fooled by empty promises and had allowed themselves to be taken in by the same old lies and deceit that had plagued their country for so long.

Despite all this, there were still some people who refused to learn from their mistakes. They were blinded by their loyalty to the party and its leader and refused to see the truth about the situation. They continued to support the party and its ineffective government, even as it brought more and more hardship to the citizens of Nigeria.

It is indeed a mystery why some people in Nigeria are still willing to vote for the same party and leaders that have brought nothing but chaos and disaster to their country. Despite all the lies, deceit, and empty promises, these people continue to show blind loyalty to the party and its leaders, even as the nation sinks deeper into social and economic turmoil.

One can only assume that these people are either misguided or uninformed. They may be swayed by the charismatic speeches and false promises of the leaders, or they may be swayed by their own personal interests and biases. But whatever the reason, it is clear that these people are not thinking about the long-term consequences of their actions.

A vote for an ineffective government is a vote for more unemployment, more insecurity, and more corruption. It is a vote for more hardship and suffering for the people of Nigeria. It is also a vote for more lies and deceit from the same politicians who have made empty promises in the past.

It is hard to understand how people can forget so quickly about their past experiences with these politicians. The people of Nigeria should have learned by now that these leaders are only interested in their own personal gain and not the welfare of the citizens. They should be aware that these leaders are not capable of bringing about real change and that the only change they will bring is for the worse.

It is important for the people of Nigeria to think carefully about the implications of their vote and to make an informed decision. They should not be swayed by false promises or blind loyalty, but instead, they should think about what is best for the future of their country. Voting for an ineffective government will only lead to more chaos and disaster for Nigeria.

~K Adamu