Southern Kaduna Voices

PDP Is The Best Bet For Southern Kaduna in The 2023 Governorship Election

The upcoming 2023 Gubernatorial Elections in Kaduna State are just around the corner, and the political atmosphere is already heating up. As the people of Kaduna State prepare to head to the polls, there’s a lot of buzz about which political party will emerge victorious.

Me, my support is for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). I strongly believe that the APC is not a party that should be voted for, as the people have already had a taste of their governance and can judge for themselves.

When it comes to the best candidate for the job, Hon. Ashiru is a clear choice. I hope that the people of Southern Kaduna will be wise enough to recognize that voting for the Labour Party will only be a waste of their votes. It will be better for them to be calculative and objective with their votes, and voting for the PDP is the best bet.

The PDP has a track record of always carrying Southern Kaduna along in every government, and this is a far cry from what we’ve seen with the APC. Under their governance, we’ve only seen abuse and disrespect toward the people of Kaduna State.

Furthermore, looking at the indicators from the presidential elections, it’s clear that the Labour Party cannot produce a governor based on the spread of votes across other Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the Northern region of the state. The Labour Party has not been able to create bridges across the state that will sustain them for the governorship election, and these signs are very visible to see and understand.

Given this situation, the PDP presents a better choice for the people of Southern Kaduna, and I strongly support them. I would urge people not to use their emotions when voting, but rather to be logical and calculative. This will ensure that they are part of a government in that they will have a stake in it, and that will work toward the greater good of Kaduna State.

Voting for PDP is the best option for the people of Southern Kaduna, and it will be a choice they will never regret making in regard to the future of the region and the state at large.


~Kokwain Adamu