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PDP OFFICIALS: There They Go, Again

Two diseases of the main opposition party the PDP in Kaduna state are lack of the know-how of opposition politics and internal party democracy. These diseases are like a combination of HIV and TB in a body system. Once a body system is simultaneously infected with HIV/TB, nothing will stop one from submission—embark on a journey of no return to the great beyond.

Similarly, a combination of lack of knowledge of opposition politics and absence of internal party democracy will deny any party victory at the poll—a kind of sending them to the cold political wilderness that has no honey, springs, or wild fruits. That accounted for PDP’s unprecedented defeats in 2015 and 2019 general polls in Kaduna state. This opinion has been unanimously affirmed by post-elections X-rayers.

Build up to the 2022 primaries, PDP officials that were responsible for those apocalyptic electoral somersaults are at it again. They are putting up long and short calls and nominating people to be part of some aspirants’ campaign structures. Worse, they are even threatening people who dare think otherwise. A perfect paragon of converting a free political space to a military parade ground, right? Sad!

Worse, the political walls hummed that the league of anti-democratic and gerontocratic had shared gubernatorial, senatorial, house representatives, and assembly seats to themselves and their puppets. That is saying certain aspirants must be their flag bearers—come rain, come sunshine—by thunder, by fire. This has come to our ears and those of other aspirants. “We” shall resist that with all our might because we are a democracy, not a totalitarian setting.

Bitterest realism to plotters and undemocratic bunch: no seat in Kaduna state is safe for PDP. Not even in their so-called stronghold (Southern Kaduna). For example, a conservative tally of the total votes scored in the last LGA poll indicated that; the ruling APC led with over 11k ( eleven thousand) votes—excluding Kamantan and Zango Urban wards votes that were almost 11k votes. By inference, that has automatically threatened PDP’s hold on the Kaduna South Senatorial district. It’s no longer in their kitty, it’s flippable.

Still, many seats in Southern Kaduna have been free for all: Kachia-Kagarko and Kauru federal constituencies. Similarly, Kagarko, Sanga, Kauru house of Assembly seats are free for all parties. Only three out of 8 LGAs still have safe seats. Even with that, the gap between PDP and APC is speedily narrowing. A simple mistake can flip those seats.

Did I hear someone say LGA polls can’t be a yardstick of measurement? Get out of that illusion because the borderline between INEC and the state electoral commission is thin. They are players with an insatiable disposition to act funny. They have provisions of “inconclusive elections“ and they can unabashedly pull the trigger anytime. Lest you forget, they are Nigerians and products of a society that places self far and above country or organization goals. Anyway, keep dreaming of your perils.

The panacea: let PDP party officials play neutral roles in their forthcoming primaries. Those that can’t quarantine their neutrality because of overwhelming inordinate interest(s) better throw in the towel. That will make “vanquished aspirants” accept fate and support winners in secondary elections.

Lastly: kifi na ganin mai jan kwamo(the fish sees the man with the red net).

John Danfulani