Southern Kaduna Voices


Some Kaduna South PDP senatorial aspirants are yielding to our legit and popular pressure—hoisting of their profiles and scorecards says it all. This is signaling thus, our cob democracy is maturing and alive.

Are profiles and scorecards akin to social contracts? They aren’t. They know they aren’t. Are they thinking that diverting our attention with overinflated and poorly hemmed profiles and scorecards will blind us? Karyan ku, wallahi. Idon mage ya waye.

Let me state our quintessential demand for the umpteenth time: we need a legislative agenda technically known as SOCIAL CONTRACT. All the run-round, run-round and political techno-Soukouss will not confuse us. I swear, it will not. We are resolute on this serious demand. We die on this ground and on this demand.

Give us your legislative agenda with immediate alacrity. Stop wasting our precious time, jacks.

John Danfulani
Awon Village
Kachia LGA
Kaduna State