Southern Kaduna Voices


Stating for the umpteenth time: those vying for legislative positions in all the parties in Southern Kaduna must publish their legislative agenda to their constituents. This old-time tradition must be respected at all costs.

Those thinking that it’s business as usual are swimming in an electoral sharks-infested ocean. It’s not and shan’t be business as usual. The cop democracy is now an adult. So, practices and rituals of matured democracies must adhere to willy-nilly.

As promised two days ago, even if aspirants collude with myopic political merchants called delegates and party officials and have their ways, we shall fight them in secondary elections. We shall use conventional and unconditional arsenals in the war against them. In other words, we shall not hesitate to press the send button on our nuclear bombs keypad.

Don’t yield to the temptation of saying “who the hell is Dr.John Danfulani”.It’s not about me Jack, it’s about my right and what the constitution and democratic ethos directed you to do. Again, it’s about promoting effective, productive, and sensitive representation in a backward, neglected, denigrated, and oppressed Southern Kaduna. It’s about getting a document that will enable me/us to assess your faithfulness or disloyalty to the social contract at the expiration of your tenure.

We’re waiting for you, please.

John Danfulani