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SENATOR DANJUMA LAAH AND SUNDAY MARSHAL : preference of myopic minds in southern kaduna

Many might be dumbfounded with this distinct position of mine to disassociate me with the duo political gladiators on my political scale of preference as they go into the political ring come 2022.

the reason behind this logical decision of mine is solely on one factor:
•The need for better representation. And that’s it, no more nothing less.

If truly your decision to support either of duo political kingpins is chiefly based on the need for better representation in the senatorial zone, then you are economical with the truth of your conscience.
A quick perusal of the antecedents of the incumbent senator shows that the senator from 2015 to date Sponsored two bills for the establishment of ;

• Federal University of Science and Technology, Manchok and Police College, Tum. Kaduna’s senatorial zone needs are way beyond this skeletal representation not talking about the most pressing yearnings for security stability. Has he used his office to tell the world about the massacre goings-on in the zone he represents? What security strategy and Tactics has he initiated and implemented by his office to curb insecurity bedeviling the zone he represents?

For Sunday Marshall who was a one-term member representing Jaba/Zango Kataf federal constituency, the frank question to pose is; what were his antecedents when the mantle to represent his people were given to him? Did he represent his people fully at the green chamber? Your answer is as good as mine. Or are we carried away by his politically magnanimous gesture of giving scholarships to the less privileged students of KASU? Or are we emotionally driving to love him because of the betrayal of Senator Danjuma that lead to the unconstitutional incarceration of the seasoned journalist Luka Biniyat?

Politics shouldn’t be attached to emotions or any variable but to values, ideology, and good conscience.

Gideon Dauda
Ungwan Danbaki village Zonkwa