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SOUTHERN KADUNA SENATORIAL RACE: Its changing Nature and Actors

The 2023 race for PDP’s ticket to the Red Chamber in Southern Kaduna ” is unlike any. We thought the one between Senator Nenadi Esther Usman and then Mr. Danjuma Laah(now Senator) wouldn’t be outmatched this soon. Our projection has been defeated by unfolding razzmatazz and hullabaloo between robust and magnificent aspirants.

The moment under review isn’t only showcasing capable and strong aspirants but the highest number of participants. At the last count, there are six people with hats in the ring viz Sen.Danjuma Laah, Rt. Hon.Jagaba Adams Jagaba,Rt.Hon.Nicolas Sarkinoma, Rt.Hon.Sunday Katung, Hon.Mark Jacob, Hon.Monday Dikko and Mr. Suleiman Doke.

A critical perusal of the aspirants through their records and discussions suggests they have what it takes to execute a successful campaign from Alfa to Omega. May all their projections and expectations on resources and support flow unhindered.

In November of 2021, the race seems to be a 2-horse race. But after Christmas, the equation changed dramatically and unexpectedly. Reasons that masterminded the change are a preponderance of aspirants; and the “assumption” that the seat is a safe one for PDP. Therefore preponderance of aspirants was premised on the knowledge of the electoral tradition of the constituents that made the seat a safe one for their party.

Unofficial polls hold that the December frontrunners are gradually losing steam and support. And late joiners of the race are steadily rising like marathon runners that made a good calculation of the time and distance and plotted how to go about the race. Is this justifying the saying in the holy book “the first shall be the last and the last first “? If so, too bad for some people. However, time shall tell.

There is no guarantee that the present situation will persist up to the day of the primaries because politics is a game of all possibilities. And the operating environment is dynamic and sensitive to external and internal pressures.

Wishing those on the battlefield, luck.

Lest I forget, we’re still waiting for their legislative agenda.

John Danfulani