Southern Kaduna Voices

The 2023 General Elections

The 2023 General Elections in Nigeria will be hard to predict at this moment but there are key issues swinging like a pendulum staring at the faces and consciences of voters.
Some of these issues are:

1. The state of the economy:
Nigeria is a major oil-producing country, but it has also faced economic challenges in recent years, including high inflation and unemployment. Nigeria has not been able to fully develop an alternative to place oil as a major source of its revenue. This could be a key issue for voters.

2. Corruption: Corruption:
Nigeria has long been facing problems of institutionalized corruption, and bribery on the streets and roads by law enforcement agencies, and many voters may be looking for candidates who are committed to tackling it.

3. Security:
Nigeria has faced a number of security challenges, including terrorism, kidnapping, banditry, and violence in some parts of the country. This could be an important issue for voters, especially in areas that have been particularly affected.

4. Infrastructure:
Nigeria has a large and growing population, and many voters may be looking for candidates who are committed to improving infrastructures, such as roads, schools, and hospitals.

5. Education:
Improving education and increasing access to it could be a key issue for voters, as many people in Nigeria still lack access to quality education.

It is likely that many other issues will also be important to voters which I may not have specified above. Again, specific issues that are most important will depend on the priorities and concerns of the voters themselves.
Whosoever emerges as the winner shall be entrusted by the voters to resolve the above issues.

Until then…

K. Adamu