Southern Kaduna Voices


Once again, my beautiful southern Kaduna is being greeted with another series of attacks. The killings have continued unabated. Innocent and vulnerable children, women, youths, and the old are being matched in their sleep, with their lifeless bodies drowning in their pool of blood.

Blood forms streams and flows from one household to the other households, turning every streets red. Nobody hears our cry, even when our cries are heard, nobody cares to come to our aid. How long will this continue? What crimes have we committed? The crime of being a special people, region, or a blessed nation? What exactly is our crime?

For decades, our region and people have come under one form of barbaric attack or another. For decades, little or nothing has been done to stem the tide of attacks in the region and nip the problem in the bud. For decades, our youths, innocent children, and women have become the victims of massacres.

The cracking of bones, smacking of skulls, and slitting of throats have become the other of the day in my Southern Kaduna. How many more will have to die before my people will be saved from this stone-age barbarism? How many more children will be rendered fatherless or motherless before the attack will stop? Haven’t we suffered for so long? How many more generations will have to continue from where we stopped, two, three, or four?

By Didam Musa Goni