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The End Of Nasiru Elrufai as Kaduna State Governor

Nasiru Elrufai’s tenure as the governor of the state ended on 29th May 2023, and it is said that there is a time for everything under the sun.

Throughout his time in office, Elrufai’s actions have been perceived as an attempt to hinder the economic and political development of Southern Kaduna. However, he has ultimately failed in his endeavors.

As a governor, the primary duty is to protect lives and properties, as mandated by the constitution, and to improve the well-being of the citizens using taxpayer resources. Regrettably, Elrufai’s actions have raised doubts about his commitment to these responsibilities.

Throughout his eight-year tenure, the region witnessed a lack of political appointments and developmental projects. Southern Kaduna was deprived of producing a state or federal minister, while individuals connected to Elrufai, such as his foster sister and cronies, received appointments.

Moreover, outsiders were allegedly brought in to fill positions instead of giving opportunities to qualified individuals from Southern Kaduna.

We only saw terrorism, Kidnapping, and banditry against the people of Southern Kaduna with citizens becoming IDPs in their own native land. We saw the constant gruesome massacre of communities that can only be most times be described as genocide.

We saw, read, and heard constant justifications from the government of Elrufai of some communities’ attacks with farmer/ headers clashes or conflicts of the circle of retaliations without killers being tried in the courts to attorn for their crimes except innocent young youths who try guiding their communities from external forces that are killing them with kitchen knives and cutlasses.

The recent demolition of Gbagi Villa by Governor Elrufai, merely three days before the end of his tenure, has left a deep impact on the people of Kaduna. The act has evoked strong emotions and has been widely condemned, with many perceiving it as a heartless act fuelled by animosity towards Southern Kaduna.

The demolition of a settlement predominantly inhabited by Christians in the final days of his administration has further exacerbated the anguish felt by the people. It is a distressing sight that reminds us of the pain they endure. Such an act raises questions about the motivations behind Elrufai’s decision, as it seems to waste a crucial opportunity to positively impact the lives of citizens as a leader and servant.

His treatment of Southern Kaduna has laid bare his true intentions for the region. Elrufai, despite being given the opportunity to make a positive impact as a leader and servant, instead chose to dismantle our way of life, culture, and identity, and impede our economic and political progress. As he bids farewell, he carries with him the weight of his regrets.

However, Elrufai must realize that he does not hold power over the destiny of a region. Southern Kaduna will continue to thrive and progress despite his attempts to hinder it. Whatever plans may still be in motion to undermine the region will ultimately fail as long as humanity is concerned.

The future governor who takes Elrufai’s place must govern with equity and justice. He must be committed to promoting peace, and unity, and ensure that divisive forces are not allowed to sow discord among the people. Southern Kaduna deserves a leader who will prioritize the welfare and progress of all its inhabitants, without discrimination or bias.

As Elrufai departs, the hope remains that the next governor will be one who upholds these principles and works towards the betterment of Southern Kaduna and its people.

~SK Voices