Southern Kaduna Voices


The political storm in #SouthernKaduna is forming, so far so good, for me, it is too early to pick a side or align with anybody or group. I have learned a lot from people playing politics for personal interest and betrayals at the expense of the general interest of the people.
For, now I can see Sunday Marshal Katung forming and bringing the right team to work together with. I know how inaccessible he was when he was a member of NASS, but with the team I see him forming, he cannot shield himself from being inaccessible to the people.
Nicolas Sarki Noma has published his track records for his constituency, in my opinion, it is a fair mark to have achieved much for his constituency within the 6 years of his social contract with them. One thing with a track record is, it gives the people a better sense in forming their judgments because they get to see and feel things.
For Senato Danjuma Laah, there is nothing new that he is doing that I have seen, probably has his strategy, someone like me will like to see his scored card for his constituency within the past 6 years as a Senator in making informed decisions about the future of #SouthernKaduna in the Senate.
No doubt we have others In PDP and other political parties that have not publicly shown interest and others who have and are rolling out plans quietly, whatever the case may be for now time will reveal a lot as the storm keeps gathering.
Kokwain Adamu