Southern Kaduna Voices

To Supporters Of Nigerian Politicians

Supporting Peter Obi does not make you more patriotic, intelligent, or better than those who support Tinibu and Atiku.

Supporting Tinibu over Atiku and Obi does not make you evil or conscious less of the pain of Nigeria and its challenges.

Supporting Atiku over Obi and Tinibu does not make you blind to the past years of corruption.

It is vital to remember that democracy thrives on a diversity of opinions and perspectives. It is essential to acknowledge that people can have valid reasons for supporting different political candidates or parties.

Supporting a particular candidate or party does not automatically make someone more patriotic, intelligent, or morally superior than those who support different candidates.

It is essential to recognize that diversity of political beliefs is a fundamental aspect of any functioning democracy.

We must respect each other’s political choices and strive to promote peaceful and constructive dialogue, even when we do not agree with each other.

Political beliefs and opinions are deeply personal, we should strive to respect and tolerate each other’s political choices and opinions even when we do not agree with them.

After all, we all share the same goal of creating a better and more prosperous future for our country.

It is important to acknowledge and accept that the best any voter can do on Election Day is to vote their conscience, respect each other’s opinions and candidates, and give peace a chance.

~Kokwain Adamu