Southern Kaduna Voices


By the middle of 2022, all in-house selection processes of political parties must be over. As a sequel to take, we shall see a hike in political activities, any moment from now. The atmosphere will be saturated with messages and images of aspirants, candidates, and political parties. Even politically deaf and dumb citizens must come to terms with the reality that, something essential is unfolding in the land.

As a citizen and a co-heir to our democratic project, I beseech players enumerated hereinbefore to script their messages in some unambiguous terms. They must avoid deploying complicated phrases and controversial terms in their speeches. Not this time around. This is imperative because of the sophistication and robustness of citizens and the political environment.

Take it or leave it, usage of words will seriously erode the electoral fortunes of aspirants or candidates in 2022. For example, imagine an aspirant or candidate referring to Southern Kaduna as “SOUTHERN ZARIA”; or, Atyap people as Kataf, or Ham people as Jaba or Gwong people as Kagoma, or Kaduna South Senatorial District as Southern Kaduna Senatorial District. These and other careless statements will receive utmost scrutiny from our people. Political anthropologists and cultural revivalists will feast on them like vultures on a dead donkey. And once they launch their salvos, others will join the fray in their support without delay.

Again, aspirants, candidates, and parties must communicate their intended social contracts in clear languages because people will not swallow any political meat with some hocks buried in them—gone are those days. Mandate givers must be told provisions of the social contracts in simple and straightforward manners. Acting otherwise, will be dire!

Consequently, aspirants, candidates, parties, and their spin doctors must know that; the 2022 game has been elevated to higher ground. Yours truly and other elements advocating for the emergence of credible leaders will place every statement on scales of decency, morality, intellectualism, and understanding of democratic ethos.

You are on notice!

John Danfulani