Southern Kaduna Voices


Frustration on our brand of politics—especially the quality of our representations in Lord Lugard Hall(Kaduna) and the “peoples’ house” (National Assembly) peaked with the resurrection of the phrase “ got beyond the social media”. Advocates of this notion are either freshmen in our political and electoral histories or on some conscious selective amnesia.

The real meaning of crossing the social media borders is, throw your hat in the ring. Or, roll up your sleeves, wear your canvass and gloves and join the fray. In plainer language, contest or go to the field and reorient the people of Southern Kaduna on the art and science of politics. And on how to plot a unique political agenda/roadmap and terrifically execute it.

This challenge germinated after the 2011 polls that anti-democratic forces masterminded deadly riots in many enclaves of northern Nigeria. Political office holders’ urchins were commissioned to hoist this notion on the public domain. At some point i.e. build up to 2019 polls, we accepted their challenge and presented ourselves for elections. We were all rejected by the people of Southern Kaduna. Curiously, all the rejected souls fought for people when those representing them abandoned them in critical moments.

If it were my case alone—it would have been understandable because—I hold extreme views that the political class(so-called professional politicians ) isn’t comfortable with. But why would moderates and gentlemen and a lady like Vincent Bodam, Larai Ishaku, Tachio John, Danjuma Bello Sarki, Solomon Dawa, etc not get mandates? Ironically, all the aforementioned people
appeared on national TVs or radios or contributed directly to the struggle. Non was found worthy to represent his people. Absurd enough, though pitiable, incumbents they complained of, got their mandates refreshed.

Consequently, those piquing that we should go beyond social media aren’t sincere to some of us because we have done everything humanly possible to make our people know that they aren’t getting effective representation and dividends of democracy commensurate with the quantum of their electoral investments are either ignorant or into some dry comedies that aren’t palatable.

Decision moments are lurking at the corner, the people of Southern Kaduna have every right to renew their slavery or set themselves free. Either way, they can’t be wrong because the right to make foolish or wise decisions in a democracy is sacrosanct. And as a promoter of the rights of individuals and people, I can’t and must not be seen fighting against people enjoying their natural and social rights. The good thing is, they will always have an opportunity to review their
decisions after every four years.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

John Danfulani